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eVMT have recently been working on a project that is different to our usual line of work… we have been working in partnership with Aston University Engineering Academy to educate the students on how Visual Management is an essential and a simple-to-use tool for success within the workplace.

Aston University Engineering Academy (AUEA) is a school in Birmingham for 14-19 year olds that focuses on science and engineering, and has strong links with local and national businesses. During September 2016 to February 2017, all students within the school took part in 19 projects that were sponsored by well-known companies. Any project, whether that be building a drone in a classroom, or manufacturing a car on a production line needs to managed in an effective way to ensure that ‘waste’ is minimised as far as possible, and this is where eVMT can help.

eVMT, experts in Visual Management and Lean practices, created AUEA their own Virtual Whiteboard System so that students could track the progress of their project using Visual Management techniques.

Each project had 4 interactive visual management boards, ‘Attendance & Punctuality’, ‘Safety & Quality’, ‘Delivery’ and ‘Training’. One person from each project was nominated to be ‘Board Owner’ and every Monday whilst the projects were taking place, they would fill in each management board to demonstrate the status of each focus area.

The objective was for the students to be able to fill in each visual management board by themselves, essentially teaching them one of the fundamental Lean skills to successfully manage engineering projects.

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