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Why choose eVMT?

Already have a Visual Management system in place? eVMT's Virtual Whiteboard will replace the time-consuming sticky notes, magnets and whiteboard pens with a series of interactive screens.

Being digital decreases paper usage and allows for a seamless, eco-friendly system. Having Virtual Whiteboard in one place takes away the need for physical management boards and increases office space. 



Anywhere. Virtual Whiteboard has no limitations. At eVMT, we know that business updates can happen at any time, that's why our Virtual Whiteboard can be reviewed and updated at any time and anywhere through cloud hosting via mobile devices.


Virtual Whiteboard enables employees working in different locations to be present at the same meeting- everyone is connected through the interactive screens.


What is Virtual Whiteboard?

eVMT'S Virtual Whiteboard is a structured software solution that ensures businesses can implement their Lean techniques and oversee improvement practices in real time through the use of touch-screen technology. 

Virtual Whiteboard is easily accessible, it allows for multiple-users across different geographical locations- connecting workforces and improving communication. 

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The interactive touch-screen can be mounted to a wall or fixed to a portable stand- the choice is up to you.

Multiple offices? Virtual Whiteboard can be

accessed through Tablets and PC's.

Create a paper-less system by updating via mobile devices.


Can be viewed and edited with data synced in real-time across different geographical locations.

Displays supporting information such as graphs & images which can be viewed on a large scale if necessary.

All live business information is collated and displayed in one place allowing for one single-source of truth.

Automated & Manual Status Banner Control- flags up when action is required.

Cloud hosting- allowing review of business performance anytime, anywhere. 

File Watcher- automatically updates any altered files across shared areas.


"Our vision is to create a fully interactive work place"

eVMT are a team of experts in electronic Visual Management and continuous improvement software. Our consultants have many years experience implementing Lean-based projects into various industries such as: manufacturing, pharmaceutical and transport. 

We design and build the layout of the interface specific to the needs of the client. We also provide full training on use and configuration, complete with an appropriate support package.




eVMT has supplied and has built a number of relationships with various international companies. 

"eVMT listened and understood our requirements and worked in a collaborative manner to tailor a solution to suit our business needs.  What was requested and specified was delivered to set timescales.  A highly responsive service from eVMT allowed our requirements to be met"- Senior Programme Manager.


Prior to working with eVMT, a department of an internationally-known company within the oil and gas industry were holding their team briefings in the staff canteen. It became apparent to management that employees were uncomfortable asking questions due to peer-pressure during the briefings.

eVMT sought to improve communication throughout the workforce. eVMT designed, built and installed an interactive Visual Management Centre so that team briefings could be given as normal but all employees had access to the relevent information via the interactive screen.

After the success in the first department, the scheme was extended to other departments within the factory.

eVMT's Virtual Whiteboard in Action


Workload for each machine is displayed in the Visual Management Centre: both high-demand and shortfalls. This enables employees to book holidays in periods of shortfall benefitting both the employees and the business as holidays are better structured throughout the year.


Due to workload being displayed, speed of working has improved by 5%This has also decreased the need for overtime, saving the business money.


eVMT's real-time schedule allows for information relating to each machine to be displayed: the job currently in action, time left to complete the job and which job is scheduled on the machine next. This enables Projects Managers to view when their job is expected to be complete.


Displaying machine information allows for data to be collected on the issues affecting machining such as: tooling, clamping, speeds & feeds and man power.


The collection of data allows for management to devise a plan to improve the business. Improvements have been made such as purchasing new equipment to eradicate problems affecting the efficency of jobs.

All success stories of the workforce are displayed in the Visual Management Centre, contributing towards the main goal: improving communication within the workforce.


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